Many people think that todays real estate market in Denver is easy. They wonder if Realtors really earn their money. Actually, the opposite is true. If you are a buyer's agent, your clients may all be very frustrated at the lack of inventory and the multiple offers. When a client is forced to bid over asking price they frequently get buyer's remorse after the bidding is over. If they won, they may be haunted with the fact they think they paid too much. Many buyers back out of contracts. When a buyer loses multiple deals they may get angry, frustrated, and do not enjoy the process of trying to find that dream home. Another issue is appraisals. If the property does not appraise the contract may also fail. The buyer has an option of putting up the difference in cash or the seller can lower the price. Nobody is happy. Inspections may be difficult and the broker has to be able to negotiate so everyone feels it's a win-win.

Realtors have to work much harder in this market and they have to be expert in guiding their clients. Home buying or selling should be a good experience and these conditions have made it very stressful for everyone. Choosing an inexperienced Realtor is not a good idea. Clients should make sure they are choosing someone who has the knowledge to get the best home at the best price.