It’s March 3, 2015 and we have snow and ice everywhere in the Denver area. Soon the sun will be out and interested buyers will be heading out again in droves to find a new home. The number of homes listed is critically low…around 3,000 for all of the metro area. Competition is stiff and buyers are seeing multiple offers for the very nice properties. This is not the time to see the perfect home and decide to think about it for a while. A delay may mean losing the home. It’s also not the time for lowball offers.  It’s  important that you have an experienced broker. If he or she has a good network of brokers they can often find properties that are not yet listed. At the South Metro Board we meet every Friday and have a time to promote coming listings. We also talk about buyers needs. Many a sale has happened due to these meetings. Also, an experienced broker should be good at negotiating and writing a solid contract that will be accepted by a seller. This is not the time to use an inexperienced agent who can not represent his buyer effectively. Interview brokers carefully to decide who you think would represent you the best. The seller pays the broker so commissions should not be an issue.